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Your Ultimate Buying Guide For Vintage Denim

Vintage denim is in high demand and has never been so popular than it is at this moment. Not only is vintage denim versatile, it's also eco-friendly. However, picking the perfect pair can be a daunting task but that's why I'm here. Check out my tips to help you in your search to make sure you are really getting vintage as well as some inspiration on how to wear when you score a pair!

1. Know your body type: Levi's and Calvin Klein are made to accommodate curvier women while Lee and Wrangler are better brands for less curvier women. However, Levi's 501 jeans tend to look good on every body type.

Vintage Levi's

2. Check the Labels: The best denim was made prior to the 1980's. In fact, the older your denim is the more premium it feels and looks. Levi's, Wrangler, and Lee are the most age old denim manufacturers so when you think of vintage denim it's usually one of these brands. Check the redline tag on the back of Levi's and if the Levi's is written only on one side, they were made prior to 1980 and if the "E" is capitalized they were produced prior to 1971 and are more valuable than those with the lowercase "e". Also the care tags inside Levi's that are written in blue were made prior to 1985. Search for the blue bell tag on Wrangler jeans, whether it's inside the fly on on the back pocket, this is a sure sign they are vintage.

Vintage Lee Jeans

3. It's All In The Stitching: For instance, Levi's made prior to the 80's have a diamond stitch on the back pockets. Examine the inseams and most all vintage jeans will have a single stitch down the inside of the thigh.

4. Button Details: Look closely at the buttons. The buttons on Lee jeans produced up to 1949 will have "Union Made", "Lee Cowboy," or a laurel wreath. Levi's jeans with single digit or no digit stamping on buttons are made from mid 70's and before.

Vintage Levi's

5. Sizing Is Key: Make sure you know your measurements or take them with you when shopping. You will usually have to go a size up from what you normally wear. Keep in mind that a good pair of vintage jeans will have very little to no stretch and will be heavier than modern jeans because of the premium fabric.

Vintage Wrangler Jeans

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