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  1. When do you add items to the site?As often as possible! We are always finding fabulous items we want to share with you. We try to add items on a weekly basis. You never know what you will find so please check back regularly!

  2. How do I know if what I buy will fit me?
    It is very important that you understand the measurements of the items that you are buying from us. We want you to be ecstatic with your products from House of Chenelle! Also, remember that sizing has changed over the years and you will need to check the measurement details of the product you want to buy. We provide you with as much detail as possible to help.

  3. Has the garment been washed before I receive it?
    Most of our products have been sanitized and steamed prior to packaging; however we do not pre-wash our garments. Washing clothes is a debated subject in vintage as most items will need to be dry cleaned. If you would like to care for your items at home, read our tips here

  4. How do you determine the condition of the item?
    The majority of items are used items and subsequently, not all items will be perfect. During our selection process, we inspect each item in detail to check the quality of the item and to determine if there are any issues about the item that you need to know about. We are very honest in our selection and rating process because we want you to know exactly what you are buying and we want you to be happy and come back to us for more! 

  5. How do I figure out my size?
    House of Chenelle garments are vintage and can vary from the standardized clothing sizes of today. Our garment measurements are taken in inches with the item laid flat to make sure that when they reach you, they fit you like a dream! Feel free to contact us if you need any help with sizing.

  6. What fabric/material is this item made of?
    We check the manufacturer's label on all items to identify what the product is made from. Some vintage items don't have any labels, and in these cases we try to identify the materials ourselves. In case of leather, suede and fur, we can't always guarantee whether the product is genuine or faux leather or fur. however, descriptions will be as accurate as possible.

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